Get Professional Dry Carpet Cleaning Service Without Having To Break Your Budget


We all know how stressful and tedious of a task it can be to find the right carpet cleaning service which fits in with all your needs. While some charge an astronomical price while delivering a mediocre service, we at Like New strive in delivering an unparalleled carpet cleaning service that our valuable customers can count on. With a strong emphasis on focusing on the customers’ needs, our dedicated team is highly trained in providing a broad range of dry carpet cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to rejuvenate any residential or commercial space. Our team of professionals can tackle spaces of all shapes and sizes, ensuring the satisfaction of our valuable customers.  Moreover, you can avail our various cleaning services without having to go beyond your budget and burning a hole in your wallet. At New Like, we strive in delivering great value for your hard earned money and going all out for your satisfaction.

Dry cleaning, also known as ‘steam cleaning’, is not only one of the most effective methods of cleaning an average carpet or rug but it is also one of the most cost effective methods to do so. This is also the most advanced method of ensuring all kinds of dirt, stains and bacteria are extracted from all kinds of carpets and rugs situated in residential or commercial property spaces. At Like New, you will always be catered by dedicated professionals that specialize in the most effective and cost efficient methods that our valuable customers desire. Such a rejuvenation process not just allows a carpet or rug to feel brand new once again but this also ensures that your property space is free from unwanted dirt and harmful bacteria that combine together to contribute towards unwanted allergies and numerous other health related complications. This is crucial for young family members who are more prone to spending time on the ground and exposing themselves to such unwanted dirt and pesky bacteria. Our dedicated team understands our valuable customers’ main priorities which allow Like New to strongly deliver on customer satisfaction.

Like New aspires to reach new heights through ensuring that its valuable customers’ needs are always taken care of. Our dedicated team of professionals are comprehensively trained in providing a host of various cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial property spaces, including tile, leather, window upholstery, tile cleaning Canberra solutions. Visit our official web page in order to comprehensively view all of our reliable cleaning solutions on offer.

So call right away in order to get in touch with our dedicated team of professionals on 1300 725 306 and get your quote for absolutely no charge at all. Experience the unique difference that our dedicated team strives to ensure how Like New continues to completely transform any residential or commercial property space.